Focused into solving companies Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) problems, Abaco just added Abaco Canary to their portfolio: a cloud based solution for managing and controlling hazardous environments.

Abaco Canary allows for a real time response to incidents that presents risks to persons and assets. This solution was built based on the latest technologies, integrating information collected from wearables worn by the workers and from a network of physical sensors deployed in strategic locations in the workplace.

According to Fernando Lopes, a member of Abaco’s board, “Abaco already has solutions for this area for several years, being SafeMed, a leader in the cloud solutions for the Environment, Health & Safety area, but Abaco Canary allow us to leapfrog into becoming a world class player”. Abaco’s Canary “allows us to save lives”, he added.

Workers location and life signs are permanently monitored and in combination with fire, toxic gases or other sensors that are appropriate for the monitored environment, allows for the automatic assessment of the developing situation creating an immediate and appropriate response to dwelt to the impending risk. If an emergency situation is detected, automated alert messages are sent to the overall workforce or for the ones in the vicinity of the threat if it’s a more contained situation. If further help is needed, emergency teams can be dispatched with adequate information about the number of persons affected, their location and details about the threat itself, allowing for an effective response and a possible reduce the consequences to persons and assets.

Workers privacy also hasn’t been neglected, allowing them to have full control of the data that is being sent to the solution, by disabling send location and life signs option in their wearables, but without compromising the access to features like generating or receiving emergency alerts.

“The existence of solutions that allow incident management and the possibility to save the lives of hazardous environments workers is, without a doubt, a major advantage to our solution portfolio that our customers recognize and praise “, concludes Fernando Lopes.


About Abaco:

Abaco was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Porto – Portugal and has offices in Lisbon, São Paulo, London and Geneva. The company is considered a reference in the area of SAP business solutions and currently has about 250 employees specialized in their 3 main business areas: implementation and support of SAP solutions in addition to products development. It currently operates in 3 continents with SAP solutions (SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Business All-in-One, SAP Business Objects, SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Cloud Solutions), on top of their own product offer.

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