Monitor your company | Protect your employees and assets | Manage incidents with real-time information

CANARY is a Safety Monitoring and Control system for hazardous conditioned environments

This solution aims to use consumer grade wearables and industrial sensors to create a holistic overview of  what’s happening in your company, allowing a real-time response to incidents

Managing risks/incidents in today’s world has evolved from putting up danger signs, wearing hard hats/visibility jackets whilst relying on a panicked telephone description. In today’s market, companies can have accurate, real-time, information based on developed risks and events.

This new technology enables incidents to be met with an immediate and proper response, therefore avoiding consequences and threats for employees and assets, whilst upholding first tier regulatory compliance.

  • Real –time reaction to events
  • Employee passive monitoring to detect sudden health situations
  • Real-time ERP and sensor data merge for in-depth evaluation of situations
Real-time sensor and equipment overview
Connected smartwatch for employee life signs monitoring
Alerts for safety officers and employee with context information
Generate automatic system shutdowns in case of incidents
Deploy and properly equip first responder teams with incident appropriate gear and information